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How I feel about:

Het, slash and femmeslash: I am not opposed to a wide range of plot variations. I am not a huge fan of men/men but the story lines that come from these inceptions are intriguing.

Ron is a heterosexual male and very much interested in women/girls. He is also not judgmental, although not exactly comfortable with homosexual men.

NC-17 material: I think most stories tend to be more interesting with a bit of graphic sex. The sex adds an aspect to the cannon characters that is exciting! Ron will not hesitate to engage in sex in his story lines.

Violence: Violence is a necessary evil and should be included when needed. Ron is a guy, the youngest of five brothers so he understands physical violence. He has also been with Harry through their adventures and is not afraid to fight.

Part Two- Character Info

Character Name:Ronald Bilius Weasley

Age: 20 as of March, 2000

Birthday:March 10, 1980

Wand:Chestnut and Dragon Heartstring, 9.25 inches

House in School: Gryffindor


Political View: Muggle supporter, member of the Order of the Phoenix, Harry Potter’s best mate


Height: 6'2"

Weight: 171lbs

Build: Ron has grown to his height and is still filling in his frame. He has long lean muscles from Quidditch and wrestling his brothers.

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Ginger red

Dress style: Ron is the youngest of five brothers and has only begun to develop his personal style, now that he has job to earn his own money and purchase something other than hand-me downs. For work, he tends to stick with old navy style clothes-Dockers and traditional button down shirts to make the sales. On his own time, he has starting dressing for motorcycle riding- jeans, boots, black leather jacket

Discerning Marks: (include basic appearance, discerning marks, style, etc.) Ron has bright ginger hair, a multitude of freckles everywhere ( and I do mean everywhere!). He has just gotten his first tattoo- in the middle of his back, the Gryffindor House blazon, with the lion Rampant on a shield. He is toying with the idea of getting a few more.

PB: Rupert Grint

Sexuality: Ron is a straight, heterosexual male. He has been best friends with Hermione Granger, and after a brief interlude with a Lavender Brown, Ron went back to becoming more than friends with Hermione in his heart if not in his actions. He always pictured them being together, but his travel at work has put a rift between them. Ron still carries a torch for her and would like to re-invest some time and effort into recapturing their closeness.


Introvert/Extrovert Ron is too expressive with his emotions to be an introvert. Although very good at strategizing, and planning, he has a tendancey to blurt out what he is thinking and feeling in most situations. He is found of swearing, and cannot hide his emotions from his face.
Boggart is? A huge black widow spider- he cannot shake the terror of the spider
Patronus: a Jack Russell terrier dog


Include strengths, weaknesses, quirks, general outlook on life:

Ron’s greatest strength is his loyalty. He is loyal to his family and to his friends. He was appalled at his brother’s Percy’s betrayal to the family, because of his conviction to stand by the family. He seems Harry Potter and Hermione Granger as part of his family. He is brave, only in the sense that his mouth tends to lead him into situations that he is forced to face to resolve. This is true in almost every one of his adventures with Harry Potter.

His weakness is his ability to empathizes with others. While very logical and methodical at problem solving, he has been described as having 'the emotional range of a tea spoon.’ He has great sympathy for others, and is kindhearted and compassionate without actually understanding their feelings. This comes across as insensitive at times.

Ron has a few quirks. He is very defensive about his parents. He hates insects, especially spiders. He loves to ride a broom, and would pursue a career in Quidditch if he had more self confidence. He has grown tremendously since childhood in his opinion and value of himself, but he has always been a follower, until the last year of Voldemort’s terror. He gained greater confidence in his abilities which in turn lead him to making his brothers’ give him a job at their shop, and then work at outside sales. He is good at giving the illusion of confidence in the business setting, and this confidence is bleeding into his ability to seek new adventures. While working, he has tried more physical type activities and has just purchased his first motorcycle. He tries not to be possessive about his new things, and has a tendency with his siblings to surrender items at their demand, especially when it comes to his little sister, Ginny. He is very protective of her, as they are closer in age then the other siblings.

Ron is cheerful about the future. He may not have someone to follow, but having led the trio during the last year when searching for horcruxes, he is gaining more confidence in his skills. He enjoys working with people, and is excellent at convincing people to buy, probably because of his earnest blue-eyed sincerity.


Parents? Arthur and Molly Weasley

Siblings? Bill Weasley (brother), Charlie Weasley (brother), Percy Weasley (brother), Fred and George Weasley (brothers) and Ginny Weasley (sister)

Family dynamics--do they get along? Opposite sides of the war? Accept their child's magical talent? Pressure for 'pure blood' marriage?

Ron is the youngest boy of the family. He is well loved/liked by his siblings, except for one older brother, Percy who is a bit more snooty then the lot. Ron gets along with all of his family members, and is especially close to his youngest sibling, Ginny. He idolizes his older brothers, and is closer to the twins, George and Fred, which is the reason he talked them into hiring him. He did enjoy a closer relationship with his grandfather on his mum's side, who took a liking to him. Grandpa Prewitt gave Ron his first chess set, an old thing that had once belonged to his uncle Gideon.

The Weasleys are pureblood but not elitist. They are all part of the Order of the Phoenix, and served as a link of information between the order and the Ministry of Magic. After many years, Ron’s father has moved to a head department job, which has helped ease the family’s financial impoverishment. Their limited resources never affected the love and support the family offered its members.

When Ron marries, he will marry for love, not to promote some pureblood requirement.


Occupation: General Manager of his brothers' WWW store in Hogsmeade, and has begun to work on international sales

Residence: flat just above the Hogsmeade store

Financial Status: He has a modest salary, and has enough to purchase a few choice muggle items he’s been fancying.
History from student days at Hogwarts to the present time: include any affiliations since Hogwarts, jobs, family life, significant events in the character's recent history, how was this character affected by the war, how does your character feel about the present political climate?

Ron met Harry and Hermione that first day on the train, and right up until the last battle at Hogwarts with Voldemort, Ron has had more adventure then he could ever have imagined. He has learned to persevere, to work hard, to be patient (which was a HUGE chore camping all over the bloody country) and to work as a team player. After the final battle came and went, and he survived it, he found himself back at the Burrow, trying to redirect his life. Without the constant companionship of Harry and Hermione, who both underwent their own personal searches for purpose, Ron was drawn to his family. He saw his brothers’ need for more business and he convinced them to hire him own. He moved into the flat above the shop, and he has enjoyed the time getting reacquainted with his family. The opportunity to travel for the business arose and as he had nothing to hold him back, he took advantage of it. Being a central part of the trio, Ron’s history at Hogwarts is well documented in the wizarding community. Being the ‘best mate’ of Harry Potter has had its perks as far as recognition. This notoriety is perhaps the fuel for his success in business.

The recent changes in political changes have made Ron more skeptical about how effective the Ministry of Magic has been, and Ron could see himself getting involved in some way.

How do I feel about what, this? well...

Harry Potter and his victory over Voldemort? I am proud of Harry and thrilled at Voldemort’s defeat. It was a long journey for the three friends and Harry completed his task. I had complete faith in Harry’s ability to save us from Voldemort and was happy to support the success of my friend.

Dumbledore and his murder by Severus Snape? I am not fond of Snape.

Lucius Malfoy's pardon and book publication? I am disgusted by the Malfoy’s ability to weasel out of any punishment, let alone make it into a money making scheme. I can only hope that the Malfoys will fall on their face someday.

Snape's pardon and appointment back to his old job at Hogwarts? I do not trust Snape and hates him for his deception. Snape’s seeming inability to remain loyal to one group or the other is aggravating.

The Registry? I think the whole thing is ridiculous. The Ministry needs to be cleared out of its corruption and ties to ‘pureblood’ policies. The Registry should be abolished and its data destroyed. Luckily, being a pureblood myself, I might be able to put some of my talk into action.

Werewolf Remus Lupin's job at Hogwarts? I'm happy and relieved for Remus to be back at Hogwarts. my lack of empathetic skills does not delete my ability to work out simple math and numbers- Lupin was having a hell of time supporting himself, and Lupin will do much better at Hogwarts. I also think he was one of the best DADA instructors that they had. The Registry is an insult to Remus’s support to Haryy’s ultimate defeat of Voldemort.

Bellatrix' capture, insanity defense, followed by her "cure" and release from St. Mungo's? Is everyone stark raving mad? I think this is the biggest con of the century.

Ron could go for some angst/drama/action/romance! There are many new problems arising everyday- Death Eaters about, the corruption in the Ministry of Magic. I could see Ron getting swept into this issues, straying off course from the mundane goals he has for himself. Ron needs to come back from traveling with a bit more confidence and re-establish old relationships with friends and family; to scope out the availability of a woman he can become involved with, be it Hermione Granger or perhaps another. Ron’s short term goal is to work at home and travel less. He wants to spend some time with his family and his old friends. Ron’s long term goals involve other possible business ventures; he wants to have a family and children. He wants to find a partner to share his life.

I am looking for a long term relationship in a rp game which will require commitment, communication and time.

What is your usual pattern of availability and play-time for a character and game which you enjoy? I am available during the evenings and weekend, usually after 7:00pm pacific time to be safe, and then on and off during the weekend hours.

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